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Sample Interview Questions

  1. What inspired you to write this book?
  2. Tell us about your background. What makes you an expert in the areas of networking and business attraction?
  3. Why did you write this book at this point in your career?
  4. Who is the book written for and what challenges are they facing?
  5. Is networking different today as opposed to 5 or 10 years ago? How so?
  6. What makes The Intentional Networker™ different from other networking books? What’s different about your approach?
  7. In looking at the Table of Contents for your book, the first few chapters aren’t even about networking. Why is that?
  8. Chapters 1 and 2 are about getting to know yourself and what you want. What do these have to do with networking and attracting relationships, referrals, and results in business?
  9. In Chapter 3 you write extensively about building an authentic, polished image and brand. Why do people need to hear this message?
  10. Chapter 4 is about focusing on quality as opposed to quantity in networking. Isn’t that hard to do as the economy recovers? Isn’t a connection a connection and something that can lead to more business and opportunities?
  11. What exactly do you mean when you refer to “your people?”
  12. Why did you decide to make Chapter 5 about saying no? Who can afford to miss an opportunity to network more, meet more people, get more visibility, and accept more business?
  13. Chapters 6 through 9 really get into the topic of networking. Tell us about the logic behind how you ordered these chapters and why Chapter 9, the one people will be really interested in, is last.
  14. A concept you emphasize to your readers is to make relationship building with your people a regular habit. Could you give us some ways to make sure it becomes a habit and not just an occasional activity?
  15. In Chapter 7 you talk about building strong relationships in groups. What are the special challenges to doing that?
  16. Can you share some other do’s and don’t’s that can help people who want to become more intentional networkers and attract more powerful connections and ultimately more business?
  17. Since you do this professionally, can you talk to us about setting your own networking criteria and plan?
  18. Can you talk to us about the tremendous importance of making not just referrals but the highest quality referrals for others?