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Praise for Patti DeNucci and her award-winning book, The Intentional Networker:  Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business

Accolades for Speaking Engagements

“Patti delivered an incredible seminar, “Live Work & Connect at a Higher Level, ” to YMCA professionals across the state of Illinois. Both the live audience and those tuning in were wonderfully engaged throughout her presentation and Q&A. The response has been overwhelmingly positive! Patti infused activities and discussion into her presentation,  which speak volumes to her sincere commitment to encouraging professionals to step outside their comfort zones…Working with Patti was delight…She was truly interested in understanding the purpose for the event and our organization’s mission…We appreciated her warmth and sincerity and participants left inspired and energized.”

Helen Patterson DeNyse

YPN Chapter Professional Development Chair, YMCA of Illinois

“I extend my deepest appreciation to Patti DeNucci, our opening keynote speaker for our 2018 Pacific Regional Conference.  She set the tone for the day with her charm and wonderful ideas on how to make the most of the conference as well as the networking and relationships that would take place….She made the process of working with her so simple…I highly recommend considering Patti for your conference!” 

Ginger Kelly

VP of Marketing and 2018 SMPS Pacific Regional Conference Co-Chair, RIM Architect LLC

“Thank you for leading our group in the conversation seminar. It was insightful, useful, engaging and informative. You have a great style about you and [we enjoyed your] way of presenting. I appreciated your expertise on the topic and that you took the time to share some of that with us. I feel certain we have all benefited, and the seminar will enhance not only our interaction with each other in our daily work, but even outside of our work in our daily lives.”

Rachel De Young

Executive Assistant to the Vice Presidents, Concordia University - Texas

“Patti has presented at our Professional Women’s Conference twice. Her presentations were passionate, relevant, and dynamic and her style is energetic and engaging.  She uses a variety of teaching methods and skillfully maintained the attention of participants. She was an integral part of the success of our events.”

Loren Ellis

Lakeshore Public Media

Patti’s reputation among her peers, combined with the excellence of her professional presence (she lives what she teaches), led us to her as a speaker for our 2017 Career & Leadership Summit… She was always on time, on point, and all in…She was the ultimate professional and had our attendees – from emerging leaders to C-level executives – completely engaged... They rated her the highest of all our speakers at the Summit… Patti is five stars.  I highly recommend her for your event.”

Lisl Dutterer

Executive Director, Wnet - Women's Network in Electronic Payments

“I cannot thank you enough for joining us this year at Convention 2015 in Austin. Our Consultants absolutely loved hearing from you. We received some really great feedback regarding your session and your participation at the event as well.”

Shannon Apperson

Manager, Field Learning and Development Programs, Rodan + Fields

“As Chair of Texas State University’s annual Business Leadership Week, I was delighted that Patti agreed to host an interactive professional development workshop on Intentional Networking for 94 of our undergraduate and graduate students. Patti offered substantive expertise, real-world credibility, and a warm, engaging presentation style. I highly recommend her as a workshop facilitator and hope we can bring her to Texas State again soon!”

Alexis Stokes

Associate Professor of Business Law, Texas State University

“We appreciated your openness and honesty as you shared and challenged us [at our recent leadership retreat]…you gave us a lot of meat to chew on as we continue on this journey of introspection and leadership.”

Tonja Gray,  State President
Association of Texas Professional Educators

“A HUGE thank you for joining us last week at our Women in Leadership event. All of the women wanted me to pass on their appreciation for giving us such an inspiring presentation. I can’t tell you how many times I saw them laughing out loud from your special stories.

Katherine Weirich

Unit Director, HEB

“I really enjoyed your thought-provoking session [at the Spring 2017 PMI Austin professional development event]…you had the right amount of interaction and great stage presence.”

Paula Lin


“Your presentation at the 2017 Silicon Valley Bank Private Equity event was fantastic; really a lot of useful tools interwoven into some very poignant personal stories. I enjoyed it very much.”

John Lambrech

CFO, W Capital Partners

“Thanks to Patti DeNucci for a WONDERFUL and extremely helpful workshop… As always, the information was timely and delivered in her great way. I highly recommend her!”

Jennifer Hughes

Employee Development Coordinator, A+ Federal Credit Union

“You’re a professional through-and-through. Hope you will become a staple presenter at Hewlett Packard.” 

Event Planner, Hewlett Packard

“Patti hit the mark with a targeted, inspirational, and informative presentation to a group of our elite sales force. She went above and beyond getting to know our industry, our company, and her audience, which resulted in a powerful and productive message.”

Nancy Pierce

VP of Training & Administration, Carlisle

“Patti’s presentation for Carlisle in New York was a home run! Patti was easy to work with and accommodated our needs and objectives. The group loved her energy. They were engaged, the discussions were rich and stimulating, and everyone walked away energized – and armed with a strategic plan for finding new prospects and customers and growing their businesses. We plan to invite her back soon! I whole-heartedly recommend her!”

Miranda Darr

Training Coordinator, Carlisle

“Thank you for your thought-provoking presentation…Your engaging, interactive style also made the discussion a lot of fun! I was incredibly impressed by your personal recognition by name of those who had supported you throughout the day.  It was a simple yet powerful example of leadership.  Your gracious and caring attitude is something I try to emulate.”

Simonne T. Benoit

Environmental Engineer, ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor LLC | ArcelorMittal USA LLC

“Patti served as a keynote speaker for the 2016 SGMP P.I.E. Conference, which I chaired…she was absolutely phenomenal. She exudes professionalism in her presentation and with attendees. Her ability to connect with an audience and make you feel like a friend is amazing…she is an absolute joy to work with as well. I highly recommend Patti for any group of professionals.”

Josh Delgado

Chair, 2016 SGMP P.I.E. Conference

“I would recommend [Patti’s] workshop to every group as an integral part of team bonding and best practices… [she] presented useful content in an effective wayLots of practical tips on how to network effectively…Good exercises on self-reflection as it relates to networking…it highlighted to me that there is a process of self-discovery in networking…I particularly enjoyed the exercise involving first impressions…”

Microsoft High Potential Leaders, R&D survey feedback

“You were an absolute pro from beginning to end at our annual conference…I loved your message.”

Joy Miller

City of Austin Small Business Development Program

“Your message is clear, your delivery is delightful, and your information is so needed.”

Alana Light

Author / Radio Host / Workshop Leader

You were one of the BEST speakers we have ever had. I’m still thinking about your style and grace. You are so genuine and sincere. It really comes through.”

Catherine Jewell

Director / Career SIG, Association for Talent Development - Austin

Thanks for being such a gracious and wonderful presenter. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk, and I took copious notes….” 

Adam Keller

Leadership Richardson Alumni

“Thank you for speaking at AllMED, TMAA’s 99th Annual Convention. Our members thoroughly enjoyed your perspectives on networking…It was an honor and privilege to have you as part of our meeting.”

Loretto Koepsel

Executive Director, Texas Medical Association Alliance

“…your presentation reverberated with me far more than most.”

William D. Caldwell

Real Estate Broker, Homes North Texas

“Patti did an outstanding job of presenting at our recent event. She used engaging stories to make key points and taught us that some of the typical things people believe about networking and relationship-building are outdated. We walked away with ideas and new philosophies that we can put to use in our organizations.” 

Theresa Campos

Society of Government Meeting Planners, Lone Star Chapter

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Courageous Conversations. Your comments and questionnaire was exactly what I needed for future conversations. I am an introvert who has learned to be an extrovert in certain situations.  Your presentation helped me identify what stops me – in particular fear, social anxiety – from having good conversations and reverting back to the safety of being an introvert.  I’ve learned being myself (optimistic, grateful, caring) and purposing in my heart to speak a positive mindset each day makes a big difference and dictates how well my conversations goes with others.  [Your presentation] …helped kindle a continued enthusiasm for my profession in Project Management and how I connect through conversation.”

Sandra Jackson, PMP

Vice President of Professional Development, PMI Austin

“Patti DeNucci delivers powerful strategies and tips on one of the most important topics for any business owner, author/product developer, or salesperson – networking…Her interactive style makes it easy to digest this important material and apply it to your own situation. I highly recommend her presentation!  (And I loved the book!)”

Beverly Smallwood, Ph.D.; Psychologist

CEO of The Hope Center, Hattiesburg, MS, Author, This Wasn't Supposed to Happen to Me

“Patti impressed me by her openness, smarts, and sense of humor. Her skills at bringing people together not only set a collaborative tone for everyone around her… She’s savvy, humble, and down-to-earth, and her sense of wonder is contagious. She’s great in front of a room, and I believe she’s the most engaging business writer on the planet. ” 

Hope J. Lafferty

Science and Medical Writer / Editor and Writing Instructor, Hope Lafferty Communications

Energetic and passionate about what she does and it really shows…awesome personality…interactive and made the topic fun and approachable…great speaker [with a] practical way of speaking in tactics…the listener didn’t just walk away with a ‘good feeling’ but armed with clear steps to be a better networker…it wasn’t just her talking to us; she really taught us how to be better networkers…enjoyed the exercisesexcellent life advice on how to actively network [and] how to be more effective in one’s everyday efforts…I came away with key lessons that will stick…enjoyed Patti’s method of presenting and her demeanor… genuine…engaging.”

Phillips66 Survey Feedback

“Thank you for your [presentation at our Professional Development Day]. It was well received and relevant to what it is we are trying to accomplish: building stronger relationships one conversation at a time…I look forward to working with you again next year.”

Marie Spencer

Employee Development Coordinator, A+ Federal Credit Union

“Your presentation caused a lot of buzz…People were talking about it after the sessions, on the way to the airport, and at the airport.  It was a great way to end the conference and a welcome change from [our other more technical topics].”

Sandy Doubleday

Arizona Community Foundation

“I consider myself a savvy networker, but I am always looking to…learn from the best.  When I attended Patti’s session at my company’s convention, I was not disappointed.  She gave simple steps to make networking not only more fun, but so much more effective!  I left inspired, excited, and armed with tools to take on the world! “

Lauren Goldstein

Rodan + Fields, Austin, TX

“You are a good storyteller. I enjoyed your down-earth-style and genuine nature [at the Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota Conference].”

Angela Andrist

Filmmaker & Producer, WholeJourney Productions

 “Patti always shows immense professionalism and integrity in everything she does. Her training was well received by my staff and she is still quoted around our officePatti makes networking look easy and fun. I highly recommend her for any consulting you or your company may need.”

Samantha Young

Nurses Unlimited

“You were simply outstanding this morning and your message was spot on for our inaugural event. It is easy to see how and why you keep your audience engaged.”

Tyler Pierson

Untyed Networking Events

“…you truly exceeded our expectations! …You were ranked as one of our top presenters by the team…you provided practical, real world tips and techniques that can be implemented immediately…”

David Galante

VP of Sales, Lone Star Overnight

“You were wonderful yesterday – always enjoy hearing you speak and learning from you.  I love your ease and vulnerability in front of people.  You really connected with the students…”

Dr. Donald Christian

CEO, Concordia University Texas

“…your presentation was crisp and your delivery was very professional…you did a great job and were one of the better speakers [at the Radius of Influence conference] both in terms of content and delivery.”

Cheryl Pope

Carlton Human Capital

“I enjoyed and got a lot of value out of your presentation at the Radius of Influence 2013 conference. Specifically, I enjoyed your references to your family history and influences and how they shaped your philosophies about networking with intention. I also liked the way you spontaneously referred to an interaction we had earlier in the day, which served as a ‘live’ example of what you practice and teach. I got a lot out of your talk and have even used some of your techniques in my own presentations.”

Wayne Parsons

Wayne Parsons Law Offices, Honolulu, Hawaii

“Patti DeNucci should be your first choice when you need guidance from a business socialization coach.  She is the ultimate model in networking. She is not only experienced and knowledgeable in this arena, but she also demonstrates a deep appreciation for people and their business needs in her approach to her work and life. If you want expertise in getting people to want to do business with you I recommend Patti.”

Jim Bagnola

President, The Leadership Group International

“Thank you for your informational, inspiring and intentional message… Your presentation was regarded as a favorite with the right mixture of purpose and personality.

Event Planner

Texas Women in Business

“I was so pleasantly surprised to hear Patti DeNucci speak at the eWomenNetwork of Greater Houston luncheon in June. This was not the usual tired, recycled networking information. She offered insightful, useful, interesting, high-level ideas that I could put into practice immediately.”

Sarah Shah

Imagine Unlimited LLC

“Every time I am asked what I am most proud of in my career, I say it’s working with passionate entrepreneurs like you. [Designing your book] was a career highlight for sure!” 

Bella Guzman

Graphic Designer

When Patti walks into the room, her presence is purposeful, powerful, and personable.  Her knowledge and experiences have created a wonderful message about connecting with others that has her audiences riveted as they learn new ideas about networking.”

Connie Brubaker

Integrity Solutions

“Patti’s connects with the audience in a very real, down-to-earth way, making her one of the most dynamic speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. She has an innate ability to read the audience reaction and makes them all feel as though they are listening to a friend give some good old fashioned sage advice.” 

Candy Beauchamp

OffAssist LLC

What People are Saying About the Book

The information is so good, so well described, so valuableI couldn’t help but think of Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink / Tipping Point when reading this.”


2012 Benjamin Franklin Awards, The Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book – Non-fiction

“…an easy to follow, positive life-strategy book for anybody who needs to deal with people, from the business executive to the freelance consultant to a teacher or a parent on a PTA board.”

Maya Fleishmann

Reviewer, IndieReader

Well-thought-out and presented tips and strategies on networking make this book a valuable addition in virtually any business situation.”

Review from 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

The Intentional Networker is a must-read... Patti DeNucci has done an amazing job of addressing this issue in a very graceful and thought-provoking way. It’s packed with real-world, ‘doable’ advice for real people who aren’t necessarily natural-born networkers. If you’ve struggled to find an approach that’s true to your character and enables you to connect with others in a very authentic way, look no further. This is your book!”

Ed Gandia

Co-founder of International Freelancers Academy, Co-author of The Wealthy Freelancer

I have been mentoring young professional women through Young Women’s Alliance Connect for the past few years and The Intentional Networker book is one of the first gifts I give them. It’s a wonderful tool for authentic networking and connection.”

Kali’ Rourke

Community Volunteer & Mentor

“The Intentional Networker:  There’s always more to learn, especially when it comes to the “N” word (networking!). Author Patti DeNucci has been teaching her intentional networking strategies for over twenty-five years. Her easy-to-follow handbook provides a positive life-strategy for anyone who needs to deal with people…in other words, just about everyone!”

One Thing New: Smart Reads for Busy Women

“I discovered Patti DeNucci’s The Intentional Networker at just the right time!…It gave me clear and concise steps I can take each and every time I am amid others who may be a source of referrals, sales or simply friendships. From when and how to begin conversations or even how to say “no” or handle requests for “meeting for coffee,” to learning how to truly discern which networking events are worthwhileI now feel fully equipped and in fact cannot wait for the next networking opportunity! Thanks for your valuable and practical advice, Patti.”

Karen Clark

Author, Social Media for Direct Selling,

The Intentional Networker™ is one of those keeper books I can’t wait to earmark, highlight, reference and share!  An enlightened leader and connector, I wish I could fit Patti DeNucci into my pocket and have her accompany me to every networking and client meeting I attendInsightful, brilliant, funny and down-to-earth, Patti’s wise and insightful teachings have the potential to positively impact your career and life in huge ways. I can’t wait to share this book with all our clients and colleagues; every business person desiring to strengthen and expand their key relationships should own a copy!”

Renee Peterson Trudeau

Entrepreneur/Author/Coach and President, Career Strategists

“Classy and valuable…” 

Jim Cathcart

Speaker, Author of The Acorn Principle

“Your new book, The Intentional Networker™, is changing my life, one page at a time.”

Sheila Bostick

Banking Executive

“I find your stories and how-to’s such useful and attainable information—several ideas which I’m already trying to put to use! Nicely framed for all levels.” 

Patricia Shults

Member Relations Manager, Austin Chamber of Commerce

“Patti DeNucci does more than offer you brilliant strategies and tips on networking in her book.  She gets to the heart of building business and personal relationships: being mindful in every project and with every contact…she embeds her techniques in authenticity, ethical behavior and purpose…Both the inexperienced and experienced networker will find this book usefulquick and clear reading, with plenty of practical exercises and thought provokers…[including] how to manage difficult situations and people with grace and professionalism. DeNucci’s approach to creating policies and boundaries around relationship building is stellar…she reminds us that we must know deeply who we are and the quality of our work and our dreams. Networking is cultivating relationships and maintaining them…[the author’s] genuine curiosity and appreciation for others’ talent is refreshing…you will truly find yourself acting with greater intention and thinking about the book’s message long after reading the last page.”

Leia Francisco, M.A.,CJF

Executive Coach/ Transition Management/Writing Strategist

“…wise, honest, direct, and humorous…”

Nishi Whitely

Turnlane Consulting

A thought-provoking handbook from a stellar networker with a sparkling reputation. Patti DeNucci not only explains how to network effectively but offers many tips to ensure business success. Don’t just read this book; study it thoroughly and follow Patti’s excellent advice.” 

Lana Castle

Owner of Castle Communications, Author of Get That Book Published! A Roadmap for Today’s Writer

“It’s always all about Chapter 1!  (Read Patti’s book [to find out what I mean]!).”

Laura Forsyth

Founder, OneYoga Collective

“ informative and helpful book for anyone who has a vision and wants to achieve their goals in work and in life.”

Judge’s report

Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

“The Intentional Networker™: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business is a must-read for anyone who wants to tap into the value of quality connections. With revealing stories, Aha! Moments, and how-to’s, Patti DeNucci shares why networking with more thought and focus has so much more to do with your success than the number of business cards you collect.”

Dianna Amorde

Author of Aha! Moments: When Intellect & Intuition Collide

“Just read The Intentional Networker™Ostensibly written as a networking book, but it’s so much more.  Patti provides a blueprint for overall personal effectiveness in business and shares her time tested strategies for next-level networking.  In the age of global communication, technology, and multi-tasking, making connections count has never been more critical. Patti shows us how to take the overwhelm out of networking and give it the attention, planning, and care it deserves.” 

Sara Canaday

Leadership, Communications & Personal Branding Expert

“I am enjoying your book, doing the exercises, and deeply impressed by your insights and excellent writing. It’s not just what I call a “speaker’s book”, but the work of a fine writer.”

Jim Comer

Speaker & Author, Comer Communications

Your book is amazing and made me realize how UN-intentionally I have been networking!” 


Entrepreneur, Former Banker and Mortgage Broker

“I wish I had this book 30 years ago!”

Diana Ayala

“…very comprehensive in scope…great advice from different perspectives – those of people trying to network and those who are sought after by others….I was able to see right away some of the mistakes I’ve been making. Your book helped me better understand how to play to my strengths…Reading your book, I realized that I can take advantage of different types of networking opportunities that are better suited to my personality and my comfort level… As an organization leader – and frequent organizer of business events, I learned some tactics I can use for meetings to make them more valuable as networking opportunities.” 

Mark Evans

Chapter President, IABC/Austin

“Your book is so timely for where I am in my journey.”

Kimberly Porter

Blaze Breakthrough Coaching

“I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed reading The Intentional Networker…I am reinventing my career, and I found your tips about effective and courteous networking to be inspiring…your book is now in a growing collection of works that remind me what my new professional purpose is and how to achieve it. Many thanks for writing such a lovely and insightful book!” 

Martha W.

You have a lovely way of sharing so much guidance that would seem like common sense but some of us just don’t know — and others of us forget when we are anxious about networking. It seems we all fail to be intentional in various aspects of our lives and your writing serves as a helpful reminder.”

Diane Miles, MA, LPC

Weavings Wellness Group

It’s refreshing to read a business book written by a writer. The difference is striking and makes for a fluid read. Beautiful prose. Great exposition. Smart, smart word choices. Thank you for elevating the genre.” 

Hope J. Lafferty

Writer and Author

“This book is invaluable for anyone who wants to do business with integrity and connect more powerfully. Patti shares her insight and experiences, both on paper and in person, with grace, elegance and friendliness.

Lorie Marrero

Organizing expert, Author of The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life.

“I continue to appreciate the tremendous value that your newsletters have for any individual seeking direction, purpose and personal growth. Thank you some much for all you do and for sharing the wisdom of gratitude and acting intentionally.”

Sheldon McCarthy

The Intentional Networker™ is a thorough presentation of an important and timely subject by an experienced networking professional.” 

Doug Hall

The W.D. Hall Company

Patti DeNucci is the real deal, a brilliant, polished professional connector extraordinaireHer wisdom takes years off the learning curve of professional socialization and her book The Intentional Networker™  is a content-rich, must-have for your business-building library.”

Jan Goss

Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant, Author of Protocol Power: 21 Days to Professional Polish

“Since reading your book, I have been thinking carefully about networking both at live events and even on social media — both can be tiring and sometimes overwhelming for introverts and extroverts alike. My ah-ha insight came in the chapter about etiquette. I felt empowered by your guidance here; being intentional really comes down to being graceful, thoughtful, kind and polite. In networking situations where you are being pulled in a dozen directions, coming back to your principles makes the whole experience less tiring and challenging.

Laura Bond Williams

Momentum Public Relations

“We know we need to network. We’ve all done it: you go to meetings, hand out your card, follow up. What else is there to know? To start with, there’s more to being successful than showing up. Patti DeNucci has spent years identifying what makes for successful networking. In The Intentional Networker™, she shares her expertise in an engaging format filled with strategic guidance on essential elements, including authenticity and quality. The format includes features that make the concepts and suggestions accessible, such as the Try It! sections, that provide specific tips you can put into practice now. Whether a newly-hatched college grad or a seasoned professional, The Intentional Networker™ offers guidance for everyone at each stage of his or her career.”

Debby Kalk

Instructional Developer and E-Learning Project Developer

The Intentional Networker™ is an incredible resource of information on improving your networking skills. It shows you how to be more selective in your networking so you can make the most of the contacts you meet. Ms. DeNucci hits all the right points with this business essential. A must read for any professional.”

Jackie Cannon

Owner, GEMnotions