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Book News Release

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To attract more success in business, you don’t have to network more;
you just have to network more intentionally.
The Intentional Networker™ tells you how.

September 2011 – Austin, TX: Many books on the topic of networking encourage readers to get out there, network frequently, and meet lots of people if they want to attract more customers and opportunities in business. Not so fast, says Austin networking and business referral expert Patti DeNucci [pronounced De-NOO-chee]. She believe you could be trying too hard and networking too much, in the wrong places, with the wrong people, and possibly in ways that could actually sabotage your chances of attracting what you want.

In response, DeNucci has written a book that takes a more holistic and purposeful approach to networking. It’s called The Intentional Networker™: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business.  Midwest Review has already given it 5 out of 5 stars and calls it a ” strongly recommended pick for anyone who wants to boost their business’s networking power.”

Pre-publication copies are available at The national launch date for the book is October 3, 2011. At that time it will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and other major outlets and retailers.

“I was inspired to write The Intentional Networker™ after spending nearly 25 years observing how business people network and try to attract more connections, business, and referrals. I paid close attention to what worked and what didn’t ─ for me, for those who approached me wanting my business and referrals, and for those I observed.  I noticed that the approaches many people take to networking, connecting, and business attraction aren’t focused, aren’t effective, aren’t memorable, and in many cases diminish their chances of getting what they want, if they even know what that is. Furthermore, many networking experts, organizations and books perpetuate practices that don’t always work. I wanted to change all that and help business people become more savvy, selective, and successful networkers,” says DeNucci.

The Intentional Networker™ offers stories, techniques, and tips gleaned from DeNucci’s more than 25 year career as a respected communicator, entrepreneur, consultant, and connector.  Nine strategically-ordered chapters provide a step-by-step approach to becoming more focused, efficient, polished, and successful networker; one that is positively memorable, earns trust and respect, and in turn, attracts more powerful, influential relationships, referrals, and results in business.

“The people who will benefit most from my book are those who want to be successful, but also want to use their networking time and resources wisely. They’re tired of flinging business cards around, frothing up the networking waters, and creating more noise and busy work for themselves. They want to quit filling up their calendars with random networking events and coffee dates and become more focused and selective in where, how, and with whom they network. They want to stand above the crowd, earn respect, and build and nurture a strong, powerful portfolio of long-term business relationships that actually help them co-create the results they want,” says DeNucci.

The target audience for The Intentional Networker™ includes motivated, success-oriented business people, including entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, sales people, development professionals, recent graduates, job hunters, and career changers.

The book is published by Rosewall Press. Pre-publication copies of the book are available in Austin, Texas at BookPeople ( and BookWoman and via the author’s website at

The Intentional Networker™ is a 272 page trade paperback and sells for $19.95, less than the cost of a typical networking event. ISBN: 978-0-9835461-0-8

Patti DeNucci is an award-winning networking and connections expert in Austin, Texas. She is founder of DeNucci & Co., a referral and resource firm that skillfully matches members of an exclusive network of freelancers, experts, and resources to individuals, businesses, and organizations that need their expertise. During more than 20 years as a business owner, Patti has worked with thousands of companies, organizations, and individuals; generated millions of dollars in revenue for members of her referral network; and attended, facilitated, and presented at thousands of networking and business events. When Patti isn’t making and attracting spot-on referrals or networking with intention, she is teaching others how to do the same via consulting, speaking, and training.

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