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The Intentional Networker:
Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business

The Intentional Networker: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business is an award-winning success  guide written and published by Patti DeNucci, a respected and seasoned communicator and connector based in Austin, Texas.

“I wrote this book for anyone who wants to maximize their professional socialization skills, network better (not just more), and become more successful in both business and life,” says Ms. DeNucci.

The premise of the book: it’s possible to attract more rewarding relationships and success in business by networking less – you just need to network with greater purpose, polish, presence, and productivity.

“Networking isn’t simply another item on your To Do List; it’s part of who you are, how you interact with others, how you’re experienced, how you become known, and how you do business; it’s all about brand, image and reputation management,” says DeNucci.

The Intentional NetworkerThe Intentional Networker’s target audience includes motivated, purpose-driven business people, both technical and non-technical and at all levels.

The book takes a holistic approach to networking — one that focuses on how to be more authentic and focused and how to build loyal, long-term relationships. It includes stories, techniques, and tips gleaned from DeNucci’s 35+ year career as a respected communicator, consultant, and connector.

Nine strategically-ordered chapters take readers through a step-by-step curriculum that helps them become more a focused and successful networker — one that has clarity, is positively memorable, earns trust and respect, and in turn, attracts more powerful relationships, referrals and results in business.

Upon its publication, the book began receiving both awards and high praise. The book earned First Place for Non-Fiction in the 2012 IndieReader Discovery Award competition, was a finalist for ForeWord Review’s 2012 Book of the Year, and received high marks from Midwest Book Review and numerous four- and five-star reviews on Amazon.

“The reaction I’m getting from readers and reviewers is that The Intentional Networker isn’t just another networking or business development book, but a very readable handbook for being more intentional, polished and respected in business and in life,” says DeNucci.

DeNucci was inspired to write The Intentional Networker™ after spending more than 25 years in her own business development and relationship-building efforts. She also observed how others networked and attempted to attract more connections, customers, respect, and referrals. Additionally,  Patti  grew up in an entrepreneurial family, observing how her father and grandfather built customer relationships for the family business. DeNucci realized that the secret to attracting more success in business isn’t about networking more or collecting more business cards — it’s about connecting more genuinely, thoughtfully and intentionally.

“I was fascinated by and paid close attention to what worked and what didn’t work for our family business, for those who approached me wanting my business and referrals, and for my own business,” DeNucci says. “I noticed that some people are too aggressive or erratic in their networking efforts. Others dread networking and literally shut down in group settings. Still others aren’t focused or prepared — they aren’t effective, aren’t memorable, and even exhibit behaviors and habits that can actually diminish their chances of getting what they want.”

DeNucci adds that many networking experts, organizations and books promote and perpetuate practices that don’t always work, especially for introverts and ambiverts. “I wanted to offer a different approach and help business people become more purposeful, polished, and productive networkers,” she says. “My philosophy is let’s all be more professional and thoughtful and not waste time!.”

“The people who will benefit most from my book are those who want to be successful, but are tired of flinging business cards around, working the room, frothing up the networking waters and creating more noise and busy work for themselves. They want to quit filling up their calendars with random networking events and coffee dates and become more focused and selective in where, how and with whom they connect. They want to stand above the crowd, earn respect, and build and nurture a powerful portfolio of long-term business relationships that actually help them co-create the results they want,” says DeNucci.

The book was released in October 2011 and is available both in print and electronic formats on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and other major retailers. Independent booksellers in the author’s home town of Austin, Texas include BookPeople and BookWoman.

The Intentional Networker™ is a 272 page trade paperback and sells for $19.95 — less than the cost of a typical networking event. ISBN: 978-0-9835461-0-8

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About the author
Patti DeNucciPatti DeNucci is an award-winning communicator and networking and connections specialist in Austin, Texas. She is a coach, consultant and speaker as well as the founder of DeNucci & Co. LLC, a consulting, publishing, and resource firm. With a strong background in marketing communications and more than 20 years’ experience as a business owner, Patti has worked with thousands of companies, organizations, and individuals, helping them attract millions of dollars in connections and revenue. She has also attended, facilitated, and presented at thousands of networking and business events. When Patti isn’t making and attracting spot-on referrals or networking with intention, she is teaching others how to do the same via coaching, consulting, speaking, and training.

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