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I am so pleased and excited to announce that my new book More Than Just Talk: The Essential Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Enjoy Better Conversations has earned a Silver Award from the Non-Fiction Authors Association.  This award is kind of like the Malcolm Baldridge Award or Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. It’s basically affirms that my team and I wrote, designed, and published a primo quality book.

As many of you in my inner circle know, this project was a labor of love that took me at least eight years to complete. It was one of those projects that I thought would be soooo easy (because, hey, I’m a networking and communications enthusiast, and I know a few things). But instead, it was yet another humbling and fascinating experience that took me on a profound learning journey.  I am proud, both of the journey and the results.

Now a hearty shoutout, thank you, and congratulations to the key players on my amazing team, without whom More Than Just Talk would just be a mish-mashy heap of words lodged in my laptop.

  • Susan Priddy, my editor (and so much more) as well as my dear friend and communications colleague of more than three decades. Yeah…we go back that far. Susan understands me, my “voice,” and my brain and had the distinct advantage of “sitting in the smart chair.” This meant I could keep researching and writing and she could keep things organized, tight, timely, and on track.  We had a blast working together.
  • Janica Smith, my publishing consultant and friend who has a massive knowledge of books and publishing as well as access to a huge brain trust of resources and additional publishing talent.
  • Kendra Cagle, my super talented designer who nailed my graphic vision for the book and was enthusiastic about including my abstract art on the cover.

It’s all about the team, folks. It’s all about the team.

Don’t have a copy of this award-winning success guide?  Want to know more?  Check out the award announcement here.

Or take a look at the author sheet here.   Both of my books are available from all online book retailers as well as at BookPeople in Austin, Texas.

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