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If this is you, I have exciting news! The book written to help you have more of the conversations you want to be having – and fewer of those you don’t – is finally here!

After more than eight years of research, interviews, writing, organizing, editing, and all the other tasks that come with writing and publishing a good book, More Than Just Talk: The Essential Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Enjoy Better Conversations is now available.  If you enjoyed my first book The Intentional Networker, you’re going to love this one, too.  Check out this quick preview…

I wrote this book with you in mind!  The inspiration came from hundreds of conversations with people like you.  Working with my amazing friend and editor Susan Priddy, we came up with a series of helpful sections, each containing short, easily digestible chapters filled with stories, strategies, try-today-tips, and techniques. These can help you:

  • Gain clarity on why positive, friendly, uplifting human interactions are absolutely vital to your success and well-being. (Yes, even if you’re an introvert.)
  • Become familiar with the common barriers that frequently block (or ruin) these interactions.
  • Do powerful prep work that can skyrocket your social success.
  • Build (or upgrade) a powerful “conversation toolkit.”
  • Create a confidence-building “conversation action plan.”
  • Expand and polish the rarest, most attractive, and most underestimated conversation skill of all.
  • Manage the Drainers & Downers in your world and see why it’s so important to do so.

Read it from cover-to-cover, if that’s your thing. Or jump to the section or chapter that intrigues you. Or simply pop it open to a random page and have a “learning moment.”

No matter what your comfort level is with social interaction, this book will shift how you see and approach social interactions forever. So whether you see it as a valuable addition to your personal library – or a powerful resource for your team at work – head on to over to  Amazon today to order.

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