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I’ve always found wisdom (and amusement) from the saying, “Never assume. It makes an ASS out of U and ME.”   So when I came across these five questions in Warren Berger’s “Book of Beautiful Questions,” I felt compelled to share them with you today. See if you can use any or all of these to improve your thinking and conversations.

  1. How can I see this [person / comment / topic / problem] with fresh eyes?
  2. What might I be assuming?
  3. Am I rushing to judgment?
  4. What am I missing?
  5. What matters most?

I find the last question particularly interesting. It circles us back to the choice and freedom we have in our conversations and relationships. Do we value the person and relationship over whatever we are talking about?  Is it worth it to judge the other person, say something we might regret, or push to prove we’re right? Or is the person, the relationship, and preserving graciousness and generosity more important?  I can think of so many instances where I messed this up. I’m sure you can, too. (Pause for a little cringing…)

We can do better. And the questions above can help.