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Photo by @ReneeFisher courtesy of Unsplash

Had it with all the stress, negativity, and uncertainty in the world?  Here’s something I’m doing right now in an effort to “curate” a better, more energizing, inspiring, and pleasant social media experience for myself…

I’m making a list of what I want to see on my feed each day, as well as a list of what I DON’T want to be bothered with or annoyed by anymore. Then I’m culling accordingly.  It’s basically deciding intentionally who you want in your social circle and what you want in your everyday exchanges.  This makes sense to me, not only because of my work as The Intentional Networker(tm), but also because the book I’m working on now is about having better and more meaningful conversations in all areas of our lives. This curating and filtering is part of the work. We DO have choices (often) on what we ingest each day and regarding who we let into our spheres.

Among the things I enjoy having on my feed are:
  • optimism / a positive outlook
  • interesting / thought-provoking / respectful discussions (rare, but I’m hopeful)
  • inspiring messages
  • helpful strategies and tips – personal and professional
  • cool projects of all kinds – how are people making the world a better place?
  • good / wry / intelligent humor – laughing is so good for us!
  • beautiful photos – vacation, still life, nature – whatever!
  • art / crafts
  • delicious, healthy recipes
  • animals and pets  – I’m a sucker for baby goat videos
  • your cute kids and grand kids
  • links to interesting articles from high quality sources
  • health and fitness ideas
  • thought-provoking questions to be answered in thoughtful ways
  • and other uplifting, make-life-better topics — you get the picture

If it doesn’t make me feel good, if it’s too self-serving, promotional or ego-driven, or if it’s malicious, snarky, political, pontificating, mean, divisive or even possibly fake news, guess what? It’s snooze-O-rino time. Outta here!  With so much stress, uncertainty, unrest, negativity, bullying, ego, and divisiveness in the world, it’s just time to filter out the “ick” and spend more time on the good.  I’ve got important work to do and people to love – and I bet you do, too!   We can’t do either if we are constantly on Red Alert.

How about you?  How will you curate your social media feed?  What are your criteria for making your FEED better so you can FEEL better and have more energy and good vibes to do what’s most important to you?  Please share!