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Before we get into today’s post… I hope you will bear with me as my website & branding designer helps me transition from my old website and blog format to the new.  (Click here to take a peek at the new site.)  If this post shows up looking askew or weird in any way, I hope you will let me know.  Now on with today’s post…

Every now and then, when I’m feeling vexed, uneasy, or sad about what’s going on in the world, in the lives of those I love, or in my own life, I reach for a simple solution that calms me and reminds me that it’s all okay.  This solution is a beautifully designed deck of cards printed with colorful drawings and eerily-wise and always timely messages. You’ve probably seen a deck like this before. I bought this deck at the estate sale of a friend who was downsizing so she could join the Peace Corps. Pretty sure it’s a product from Hay House. Anyway, I keep the cards nestled in a gorgeous copper-lined ceramic bowl presented to me as a speaker gift by the New Mexico Chapter of the National Speakers Association. So the deck has some sentimental value to me as well.

This morning, when I shuffled the deck and pulled a card while my coffee was brewing, here’s the message revealed to me:  “I release others to experience whatever is meaningful to them. And I am free to create that which is meaningful to me.”

Wow! As always, some loaded advice.  And since it has to do with how we experience ourselves and other people, I thought I’d share three key reminders that immediately came to me.

  1. Vive la difference. We are all unique human beings with totally different lives, experiences, challenges, dreams, and perspectives. There will never be anyone like you or me on this planet ever again. Ever.  Our diversity is part of what makes the world go ’round. We need to celebrate and appreciate that more.
  2. Who’s business is it anyway? As the wise Byron Katie notes: “There is my business, your business, and God’s business.”  It’s wise to remember which is which. My business is what I have control over. Others’ business is, well, their business. (This means I should do my level best to dispense with judgement, gossip, or trying to control or second guess others’ lives, choices, beliefs, and opinions.)  And then there’s God’s business, which is everything else. I am just a mere human who can’t possibly control everything — and what a blessed relief that is!
  3. Keep calm and carry on. When I can remember 1. and 2. I find that I have much more time, energy, brainpower, focus, peace of mind, and most importantly love to do and create what I’m here to do and create.  And to be much nicer to people, to cut them some slack, and to let them figure things out for themselves.

But these are my interpretations. What comes up for you?  How do these words resonate with and speak to you?

“I release others to experience whatever is meaningful to them. And I am free to create that which is meaningful to me.” 

I’d love to hear from you and appreciate your comments on this message, this post, the new website, or anything else you’d like to share.