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Sometimes I feel like knocking my head against the wall.  And it’s because the most important answers are often the most elegant and obvious.  Problem is, we are often so caught up in our own heads, To Do Lists, and busy schedules, we don’t see the obvious or the big picture.

Not a good place to be if you’re trying to Live, Work  & Connect at a Higher Level(tm).

That’s exactly what happened to me this morning.  I was working on a document that had to be finished, printed, and mailed in order to meet an  important deadline. (Nothing gets my attention like a deadline. You?) 

I was ready (I thought) to follow the three easy steps, get this task done, and move on to the next one at hand.  I prepared the document with ease and with a flick of the mouse hit “print.”  I was on my way, knocking this little assignment out.  I anticipated the satifsying sound of the printer cranking up and spitting out The Document.

But after a few seconds…nothing.

So I clicked “print” again (as if that would help). Still nothing.  Hmmm. I checked the printer to see if it was on. It was. I lifted the paper tray to make sure it was loaded with paper and had plenty of ink. It was and it did.  I clicked “print” again. Still nothing.

Then,  of course, the obvious hit me between the eyes.  I had been using my laptop the night before to watch a show in the living room. I had returned it to my office and plugged in the power, but the cord to the printer had yet to be connected. D’oh!  And that’s where the headline comes from. Because at that moment, I remembered some pretty important advice. You can apply it to electronic devices and you can apply to life and work.  I share this with my readers, clients and audiences daily:  NOTHING happens if you’re not connected.

Okay, sure, certain things can keep rolling along. You’ll get things done. You’ll pour yourself another cup of coffee and continue knocking out the To Do’s and meeting deadlines. But you could be missing out on something even bigger – and burning yourself out.  I know because I’ve done it.

We need people in our lives. That’s where the really good stuff happens.

In fact, some experts believe that as much as 95% of what we accomplish each day is either a direct or indirect result of the people with whom we are connected. That includes our teachers, mentors, parents, friends, colleagues, suppliers, and a host of other connections. The other 5% is us.

Humbling, right?

Yet it’s so easy to launch ambitiously, if not blindly,  into our daily routines and To Do Lists (just like I did this morning) and totally miss out on something obvious: the importance of being connected.

With that, I will leave you. I think it’s time to get on the phone and reach out to a long-lost friend.
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Photo above courtesy of Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash