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Sometimes two simple words can make all the difference.  For example, take the words “Good Morning.” Never underestimate the power of this simple greeting that we so often take for granted – and often forget to say. And while it’s true that not everyone is a morning person, who doesn’t like to be acknowledged and wished something positive? 

Take the time to say Good Morning to the barista who makes your coffee. The clerk who sells you your newspaper. The person on the treadmill or weight machine next to yours at the gym. The neighbor out walking her dog.  The person you pass in the hallway at work. It can feel really good – to you and the other person. And it leaves behind a little burst of happy chemicals in our bodies, which is both energizing and pleasant. 

Study after study reveal that these “micromoments of positive interaction”  (a nerdy way to say “acts of friendliness”) are necessary to our human existence and happiness.  What’s more – and this is the really juicy part – a simple Good Morning can open doors of connection and lead to a conversation, even a very short one, that:

  • lifts moods
  • shifts perspectives
  • provides important news
  • offers an answer or a little inspiration
  • reveals an opportunity
  • launches a new friendship
  • or even changes lives

What’s not to love and appreciate about that?