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And I don’t mean the courageous conversations where you’ve really had it!  So you’ve finally gotten up the nerve to tell your nosy, noisy, no-good neighbor what you really think of her. Or you’re going to, once and for all, let your supervisor know what a complete and utter jerk he is. Or you’re mad as hell and are going to return the faulty – and overpriced – gizmo you bought, raise a ruckus, and demand a complete refund. And an apology.


I mean simply gathering up the energy, courage, gumption, or generosity to get over yourself and greet – perhaps even engage in a friendly chat with – the person who is next to you on the airplane, in line with you at the coffee shop or cafeteria, in class with you at the gym, or in proximity to you wherever you happen to be or go today.

Why? Because you never know who that person might turn out to be, how a simple conversation could shift your mood or perspective (or theirs), or what kind of beautiful connection could transpire.

Go ahead. Try it.

Along those lines, here’s my TEDx talk on the subject. Patti DeNucci - TEDx talk 5-15

Please take 11 minutes and 22 seconds out of your day to watch and perhaps be inspired to have a conversation that will, at the very least, fill you with happy chemicals or, at the very most, change someone’s life. Maybe yours.

Enjoy! And please share your comments, experiences, and opinions below.