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Today’s post is so much more than a mere post. And you are among the first to hear about it!

Drum roll please: 

Today I’m releasing — for your perusement, enlightenment, and hopefully even enjoyment — my second book:  The Intentional Networker Collection: More Powerful Strategies for Attracting Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business.

This book, a great follow-up read to my first award-winning Intentional Networker book, is a carefully edited compilation of my most popular blog posts strategically combined with some thought-provoking reflection (or discussion) questions and a generous supply of Try This! ideas and exercises.  Makes for a great daily reader or simply a second go-to field guide that will help you become a better, more focused, more discerning, more confident, and, dare I say more attractive networker.

You can download the special Pre-Release copy right now by simply clicking here: Intentional Networker Collection – Pre-Release Copy.

Enjoy! And please let me know what you think!  Your input will help shape and polish the final print and e-book copies.  (Which means, yes, I want to hear from you! Thanks in advance!)