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If you’re reading this it means you’re serious about becoming a more Intentional Networker; someone who’s ready to network better, rather than just networking more. (Who has time for networking that doesn’t work and takes up more of your precious time, energy and resources?)  You’re also ready to be more purposeful, polished, present, and productive as you connect with others. You’re ready to utilize powerful strategies with greater ease and confidence; strategies that actually attract awesome people who are right for you and your business and want to do business with you (and be your major supporters).  You’re ready to actually enjoy networking your way! What a concept!

Okay, so since you’re obviously ahead of the crowd I’m sharing with you right here and now links to some of my most-requested bonus materials and tools, including a free pre-release copy of my second Intentional Networker book!  Here you go. Simply click, download, do a little reading, writing, percolating, and subtle shifting of your networking mindsets and habits. Then watch what happens!  Enjoy!

The new book: The Intentional Networker Collection

Intentional Networking Best Practices Tip Sheet

Your Vision, Intentions & Goals Worksheet

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Here’s to your (intentional) success!