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Nothing makes the world go ’round in the business and networking worlds like a quality introduction or connection. And the Queen Mother of Generosity in this realm is the well-thought-out referral.  When done well and thoughtfully, everyone wins. The people/parties connected benefit from each other. The person doing the connecting looks like a hero. And the world becomes a better, more synchronistic place.

But when connections are made with haste, things can go haywire. Businesspeople introducing outside of office, shaking hand, smiling.

You don’t want this to happen to you, right? That’s why I’m offering you some basic Do’s for being the person who connects with grace and thoughtfulness. These are extracted and adapted from the pages of my award-winning book The Intentional Networker. Here we go…

Let’s say you believe Jonathan and Becky would benefit from knowing each other – or could possibly do business together. Here’s what you do:

  1. Let both parties know you’d like to make the introduction.
  2. See how they react.
  3. Realize timing can be everything; sometimes people are just too swamped to give a connection the appropriate time and attention.
  4. Or they’re just not interested. It’s okay.
  5. If you believe both parties are interested and can benefit, by all means proceed.
  6. You might pen a Virtual Introduction email where you copy both parties.
  7. Or find a convenient opportunity when you can introduce them in person.
  8. Offer some basic information about each person.
  9. State why you believe these two should know each other and how they would both benefit.
  10. Don’t make people guess – or go “huh??”
  11. Give them the option and the “out”: If they believe the connection is worth their time, suggest they take next steps, such as a phone conversation, coffee, lunch – whatever works for them.
  12. No pressure ever. And don’t oversell.
  13. Thank all parties involved for their time and consideration.
  14. Encourage them to give you honest feedback.
  15. Realize that perfection is impossible; sometimes people just don’t click.
  16. Encourage both parties to do their own due diligence and decide if the connection is a good one.
  17. Stand back, cross your fingers, and see what happens.
  18. Perhaps follow up in a few weeks.
  19. If things work out, hurray!
  20. If nothing comes of it, you know you did your level best.

What other gracious steps would you offer to up the quality of your connections, introductions, and referrals?

What’s worked for you as a connector or connectee?

What drives you bananas when people connect you to someone or vice versa?
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