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Years ago, after accepting one of my first professional awards, I had the opportunity to give a brief acceptance speech to those who attended the awards banquet. At that time I wanted to share a few things that had worked thus far in my life to make me feel happy, useful to the world, driven to do good work, and hopeful for the future.

© anyaberkut -

© anyaberkut –

I’m sharing the basic notes from this little speech now because I still refer to this list from time to time.  Also, I’m guessing you weren’t in the audience that day. (But if you were and you remember this little speech, which I hope didn’t drag on too long, that would be fun to know!) Here goes, with a few updates:

  1. The Universal Law of Abundance. Once you believe there’s more than enough for everyone – whatever it is – you’ll relax and relieve yourself of the torment of living in scarcity. (My wise friend Jeanne Guy notes this can also be called “living in Scare City.”) Even better, you will likely attract more than your fair share of whatever it is you want. Sometimes it’s merely a matter of knowing what it is and ASKING for it. (That said, be careful and precise about what you ask for. Don’t ask me how I know this.)
  2. The Exponential Boomerang Effect – Whatever you choose to give, share or do – good or bad- it will eventually come back to you tenfold to bless you or bite you. This includes: the amount of emphasis you spend on your faith and spiritual growth; the time and energy you put into caring for your body’s physical, mental, and emotional health; the love, attention, and time you give your family and friends; the bits of advice, support, and encouragement you share with friends and colleagues; and the support you give your community.
  3. The Pleasure Principle – You have the freedom to spend your life any way you want. What’s more, life is short. (This is becoming more painfully real to me as I get older and the list of fine friends, family members, and colleagues who have passed away grows.) Why not spend your precious time doing what you love and what you’re good at? You’ll be happier, you’ll do a better job, and (this is important) you’ll be easier to live with and work with — you’ll feel fulfilled.   Take the time to discover who you are, why you were put on this earth, and the nature of your unique mission.
  4. The Promise of Perpetual Opportunity – Opportunities are everywhere.  Learn to be open to them, how to find and recognize them, and how to take advantage of them. Figure out and ASK for what you want, then tune your “radar” (a.k.a., your brain’s miraculous reticular activation system) accordingly and PAY ATTENTION.  Think great stuff happens only to lucky people? Wrong.  Lucky people work at being lucky and they are good at the paying attention part.
  5. The Asteroid Axiom – Whatever you choose to do in life, make an impact. A little one or a spectacular, splashy one. You choose. Dreary as it seems, try to imagine what your family, friends and colleagues will say about you at your funeral. Live your life so you’ll be remembered in the way you’d like to be.

Do you have rules you’d like to add to this list? What motivates you to Live, Work and Connect at a Higher Level(tm)?

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