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What have you been up to this first quarter of 2015? I’ve been speaking, facilitating, and writing, but mostly writing. Here are three pieces, generously published by a trusted colleague, consultant and communicator Todd Schnick out of Atlanta, Georgia on his IntrepidNow Network. Reading Glasses

Hope you enjoy them. The theme? What else:  Live, Work & Connect at a Higher Level(tm)

Signs of a Great Client Relationship – This one is a must-read if you are a freelancer, consultant, solopreneur or small business owner. But it also can apply to your relationship with your employer. Maybe even to any relationship in your life.

Three Exhilarating Ways to Add New Dimension to Your Network & Life – Some positive ways to boost your energy, open up to possibilities, and see the brighter side of life (even amidst all the crummy stuff).

Nine Essential Habits for Building Trust & Reputation as a Conscientious Connector –  Think you’re an active, connected, savvy, and very generous networker? Please (I beg you) read this. Yes, the world needs people like you who connect and refer generously. But sometimes even the most well-meaning connections (and how you make them) can go terribly wrong, create problems and ill will, and mar your brand and image. You want to avoid that, right?  Enough said.

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