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Corrie ten BoomI see it hanging on my kitchen wall everyday: my favorite quote of all time. I know it by heart.

“Every experience God gives us; every person He puts into our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see.” – Corrie ten Boom

If you’ve never heard of her, Cornelia “Corrie” ten Boom, was a World War II hero. She aided Jews trying escape the Nazi Holocaust and was eventually imprisoned for it. She is also known for her book, The Hiding Place, which has been read by millions and is filled with stories of her experiences. She died on her 91st birthday in April 1983.

What I love about this quote:

  1. It’s about experiences and people rather than things.
  2. It reminds me that every conversation and connection matters, not matter how brief or seemingly insignificant.
  3. It also reminds me that everything happens for a reason.
  4. It helps me keep an optimistic and long-range view, even when crummy stuff happens.
  5. Finally, I don’t have to question or over-analyze this phenomenon; just metabolize it and trust it.  Surely it inspired and sustained Ms. ten Boom during her darkest hours.

Believing all this, I find it tragic when people tell me they are uncomfortable (or even filled with dread) when it comes to socializing, networking, conversing, interacting with strangers, or even reaching out to people they already know.  (And, trust me, I am guilty of this at times, too. It can be so much easier on some days to slip on some yoga pants, stay home, and keep to myself.)

What valuable lessons, experiences or inspiration are you missing out on when you isolate yourself from others or limit yourself to spending time with only your closest friends and family members?

Corrie had it right. I’m hoping her words inspire us all to go out in to the world, reach out to others, even if only to offer a friendly greeting or kind word, call a friend or colleague, and trust that rich lessons and circumstances will come your way.

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