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Stop and think, for just a moment. Do you know a woman who’s going through something tough – or challenging –  right now? A devastating loss? A rough patch in her education, career, or family life? Maybe she’s starting a business or new career?  Maybe she’s dealing with a health challenge or ongoing frustrations, fears, or self-esteem issues? Maybe she has an empty nest or is retiring – and doesn’t know what her Next Step is?

I’m here to help.

Here’s an irresistible offer that’s not only a great deal, but is something that could make you a Forever Hero to someone you know.

So if you like a bargain and making a difference to others, read on:

I was featured in a book a few years ago called Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom.   It’s a beautiful, full-color book published by the ever-inspiring and super talented international photographer Mary Ann Halpin. The book includes stunning portraits of 50 female entrepreneurs along with their personal essays of what has inspired them to become more fearless in their lives, relationships, choices, and careers.  There’s even room in the back of the book to add your own Fearless photo and by Mary Ann Halpin

The good news: I managed to get ahold of several cases of this book.  (They are no longer in print and quantities are disappearing.)

The bad news: They aren’t doing anyone any good sitting in my warehouse. (And you likely know someone who could use a beautiful, inspiring gift, right?)

The great news:  I’m offering these gorgeous books to you at a deep discount price of only $21.23 apiece (including tax and shipping) But only through the end of October or while supplies last.  AND, I am happy to autograph the book per your wishes. (Can’t get that on Amazon!)

The extra-feel-good news:   ALL proceeds from this special offer go toward the philanthropic contributions I make with my cycling team to causes relating to cancer, muscular dystrophy, the Rosedale School in Austin, and many others.

So make an intelligent choice for your wallet and a beautiful, kind, and life-changing gesture that helps others.

(Maybe even buy a few extra copies for Holiday gift-giving. They make fantastic hostess gifts!)

Reply to patti[at]intentionalnetworker[dot]com or leave me a message at 512-418-0527 and I’ll get your order rolling. And, yes, I take credit cards.

Thank you!