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One of my wise coaching friends shared some great advice with me: establish a morning ritual. One that goes beyond reaching for the snooze button or that second cup of coffee.  Studies prove that a positive morning ritual is conducive to being more productive, energized, and inspired for the rest of the day. For me, it’s reading something inspiring, journaling, enjoying my coffee, and taking my dog for a walk. Sometimes I reach out to one of my close friends or sisters for a quick catch-up conversation. Perhaps you have a morning ritual as well.

© michaeljung -

© michaeljung –

Last week as I was enjoying my morning ritual, I reached for one of the many books I have stacked by my reading chair. This time it’s one by Mary Morrissey, a coach / author / speaker I met at a conference in Los Angeles. It’s called The Miracle Minute: Practical Wisdom to Inspire Your Day.

The page I read revealed a powerful message that relates directly to the work I do: helping motivated, success-oriented people be more intentional in their networking.  Even more specifically, I help people learn how to build and benefit from more purposeful and powerful connections, conversations, and collaborations.

The message? Strive to be a “vision-keeper” for the people in your world. In other words, encourage people and help them see their gifts and strengths so they can live up to their highest potential.

One way to do this (which could be a fun little assignment for this week) is to say to people during conversation:  “What I know about you is…”  How you complete the statement can go a long way toward helping people see the highest and best in themselves.

As the German philosopher Goethe said, “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”

Here’s another twist to this exercise: try turning the “What I know about you is…” statement back onto yourself. What do you know to be true, strong and good about you? How can you bring more of that into the world in your work, decisions, and relationships?  Give it a try. And please let me know if it has an impact.