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You know this person. Maybe you are this person. I’m talking about the individual who is chronically overbooked with networking and social events.  On many occasions (meaning more than once a week) she is double- or even triple-booked.  He drives to one event, darts in, “makes an appearance”, and then dashes out to repeat the process.  And this goes on regularly.

© duncanandison -

© duncanandison –

I can definitely see this happening occasionally – and I’ve done it. We’ve all had busy, double-booked times, and we are blessed with opportunities to be with colleagues and friends.  What’s more, it can be so easy to succumb to that feeling of missing out.  But when it becomes a person’s signature MON (Mode of Networking), it can actually backfire.

How do you react to the person who does the double- and triple-booked thing regularly?

Here’s what goes through my mind:

  • Where is this person’s focus? Depth?
  • Why is she overbooked all the time?  Can she not manage her schedule?
  • Can he not make choices — or set intentions and priorities?
  • Does this person have a strong need to feel (and look) popular? Busy? “Productive”?
  • Does this person have difficulty building close relationships or staying engaged in conversation?
  • Does she ever spend time actually working? Or spending time with clients and family?
  • Does he ever spend time alone? Thinking? Strategizing? Creating?

Then, I confess, I have other inner dialogue reactions such as: “Wow.” “Really???” “I’m exhausted just watching you…”

(Okay, I’m not really proud of those judgments, but there they are.)

What are your thoughts about being (or being around) an Over-Scheduled Networker?

And if you know one and want to give them some fresh perspectives (you guessed it): there’s always my book.

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