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thank youI’m going to make this quick as it’s quite likely you have places to be and a hundred things on your To Do List due to the Thanksgiving holiday:

During this season of gratitude, celebration, and reflection, please remember to give thanks for your most valuable personal and professional assets: the people in your world.   These include family, friends and neighbors. Yes. But don’t forget your colleagues, customers, clients, connections, mentors, role models, readers, fans, and followers.  I hope you’ll even consider all the authors you’ve read, speakers you’ve heard, entertainers who’ve amused you, and service providers who’ve made your life easier and more efficient.   Pretty much anyone who has touched your life positively in some way.  In some cases you chose them; in other cases they chose you.  As you make a mental list of these people, consider all they’ve done for you, all they’ve taught you, and all they’ve helped you to be and to accomplish. Especially all the times they’ve listened to you, hung in there with you through the tough times, and most importantly made you smile or laugh. Quite likely, you’ll be overwhelmed with grace and gratitude, as am I.

Thanking you this Holiday Season for all you do for me — and wishing you health, happiness, and many, many blessings.