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If you’re on Facebook it’s not hard to tell what time of year it is:  back-to-school time. I’m loving all photos of the  kids in their new clothes with new backpacks, big smiles, and fresh haircuts. I’m also fondly remembering all the photos I took this time of year when my kiddo was that age.  Everything was in readiness to make a great first impression and set the tone for the year.

What a great lesson as we transition into fall with our careers and businesses!

When it comes to doing your work, making connections, building relationships, and enhancing your first-impressions and credibility, wouldn’t it be cool if every time you went out the door you treated it with the same excitement and reverence as back-to-school?  Not that you have to buy a new outfit or have a fresh hairdo every single time. That would be ridiculous.  But how about simply making the attempt to look your very best and remember that first impressions can be lasting impressions?  That lesson alone can lead you toward more intentional networking and greater success.


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