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I recently read how the first 90 seconds of any meeting, encounter, or exchange is not only important, but sets the tone for whatever follows.  In addition, it’s those critical 90 seconds that can make or break the relationship itself.  Consultant Jim Fannin writes and speaks about this.  Being the information junkie I am, I Googled “90 seconds” to see what else a mere minute and a half could do.  I found a literal avalanche of articles, videos, and other items.  For example, in 90 seconds you can:

(Conceivably) make people like you. Not sure if I buy this. But I do know that the latest research suggests it may take as few as 3 seconds to make a good (or not-so-good) first impression.  If you do the next 87 seconds right, I can see how you could potentially win someone over.

  1. Ace an interview. Or totally blow it. They mention things like eye contact, attitude, posture, etc.  First impression stuff. Take heed.
  2. Tell if a relationship is over.  I found this video very clever, creative, and comical.
  3. Relax and/or find your happy place.   I found a website that claimed to reveal a mantra that could help you completely chill out. Ironically it caused my computer to freeze up, which stressed me out for at least 90 seconds.  Don’t want to put you through that! Instead, here’s a technique I learned in both yoga class and at Seton Cove in Austin : simply close your eyes and bring to mind the face of someone you love, a favorite place, or an event or activity that soothes you and makes you happy.  Your brain doesn’t care if it’s real or not. It just wants your cue to “go there.”  Give it a try!  Ninety seconds of bliss.  More if no one interrupts your reverie.
  4. Change up your mood by listening to and/or singing along to a favorite song. I just did this in my car. Went from feeling okay to feeling awesome. Boom! Try this before a meeting or an event and you may be able to do 1. and 2. above more readily.
  5. Learn something new by listening to a collection of interesting, if not offbeat mini lectures.  Who comes up with this stuff? Brilliant!
  6. Figure out if a book is worth readingAnother brilliant site.
  7. Learn the history of the Black Death.  This is actually rather well done – using Lego’s! And it’s not nearly as gross or morbid as it could be.

The Google list went on and on, from the useful to the odd and quirky.

So here’s my 90 second thought for today: How could you spend the next minute and a half strengthening a friendship or business relationship?  What can you do in less than two minutes to make a meeting more pleasant, engaging, and affirming? Who could you call and invite to coffee or lunch? Whose day could you make by merely sending a quick email or text message? Whose tweet or post could you “like” or comment on thoughtfully and supportively? What information, resource or connection could you share that could be valuable to someone else?

I’m sure you’ve done something easy and fast that makes you much more than a random name in someone’s database. Share it here! Make my day or someone else’s.

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