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Ever get the urge to dig deep into the back of your junk drawer, pantry, or closet in search of, I don’t know, something good:  spare change, a piece of rogue candy from last Christmas, that missing sock you’ve torn the house apart looking for.  I got that urge today. Only it was the urge to dig back into my blog archives.  I wanted to see what I’ve covered, whether I still believe what I’ve written (for the record, I do), and what I could use in an upcoming presentation. Doing this, I got lucky – and so did you.  I found four blogs you just might find useful, whether you’re a longtime fan (and you’ve already read them) or are a relatively new member of my blog community.  These date back to 2011, but their messages are timeless. I hope they give you something to consider and put into practice in the coming weeks and months.

10 Ideas to Help You Be A Networking Genius

The Power of Three Reasons

Signs of a Great Client Relationship

Networking, Referrals & Likability

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