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Let’s get real here.  Really, truly real.  And let’s do it by starting with this:  What frightens you? Freaks you out?  Leaves your palms sweaty, your mouth dry as whole wheat toast, your heart racing – and not in a good way?

Public speaking and snakes are two things most people fear — more so than death itself. But I’m convinced there’s something else that can be even scarier:  Stepping solo into a room full of strangers.  Especially when those who are already there seem to know each other and are deeply engaged in conversation.

Yikes.  What could be more daunting?

Since one of my passions is helping people move past obstacles to their connecting success, allow me to offer two ideas (borrowed, not my own)  that may help you deal with this potentially terrorizing experience — and others that may leave you paralyzed with dread.

Idea #1 comes by way of a recent blog posted by thought leader Seth Godin.  His idea is to take your fears and make them work for you by making a conscious and deliberate switch from anxiety (which focuses your thoughts on the potential negatives – most of which will never come to pass anyway) to the far more enticing and, dare I say, adventurous feeling of anticipation (which switches you over to the potential positives, many of which could happen if you only set the intentions and open up to them).

I read that and thought, “Oh hell yeah. I can do that.”

How about you?

Idea #2 piggy backs onto Mr. Godin’s advice.  Try what my friend, colleague, fellow author, and sometimes-coach Dianna Amorde of Inspired Leap Consulting tells me when I’m completely freaked out about something I have to face:  come up with questions that begin with a very innocent, but earnest “I wonder….?”  E.g., I wonder who I’ll meet today?  I wonder what I’ll say to start pleasant and even memorable conversations with interesting people?  I wonder what I’ll learn from someone I’ve never met before?  I wonder what fantastic opportunities will come about because I was courageous enough to do something I initially found scary? I wonder how I will totally own that presentation? I wonder how much fun I’ll have doing that triathlon next spring? I wonder what I’ll do when that water moccasin comes perilously close to my flip-flop clad foot?

You get the picture.

Try these techniques next time you face any intimidating social situation – or any intimidating situation period. Allow your imagination to partner up with courageous anticipation and the “I wonder” technique rather than letting yourself fall victim to the ugly grip of sanity-shredding anxiety.  With the Holidays upon us (a time that can be fraught with stress and anxiety), there could be plenty of opportunities to experiment and see how these ideas work for you.  Let me know how it goes.

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