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I’m a fan of Byron Katie, who among other things, is a master at helping you examine your thoughts, especially stressful ones, so you can see them with greater perspective, understanding, compassion, and even gratitude. I want to do that here – minus the stress angle.

Right about now as the U.S. celebrates its Thanksgiving holiday, you may be reading posts and messages about taking stock and feeling grateful.  You may also be receiving emails, texts, mail, or other messages from people who are grateful to you.  Relish this for a moment and take stock. Ask yourself:

What have I done this year that has made people thankful they’ve met me, gotten to know me, worked with me, or just spent time with me?

What do I bring to the Thanksgiving Table of Life, Work and Relationships?

  • A positive attitude?
  • Great ideas?
  • Amazing talent?
  • Words of comfort — or comic relief?
  • Knowledge?
  • Wisdom?
  • The ability to take on a task and actually get it done on time and on budget?
  • A quiet countenance that calms everyone down when they are ready to climb the walls or hurt each other?

By all means take stock of everything that blesses your life, but don’t forget to examine and appreciate what you’ve contributed to others and to the world.  Give yourself some thanks, too.  If you’ve been striving to Live, Work and Connect at a Higher Level(tm) you definitely deserve it.

Have an intentionally wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday — and know how very grateful I am to have you as a follower on this blog.

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