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Ever wonder what was going on in an author’s life when they wrote certain parts of their book?  Well, I’ll tell you.

When I wrote the first draft of Chapter 5 of my book The Intentional Networker(tm) I admit I was on a rant.  No way around it. For the enlightened among you who have already read the book, you know that the chapter I speak of is called “Say No with Grace: Setting Limits, Boundaries and Policies.”  It’s still one of my favorite chapters and readers comment on it — a lot.

Around the time I wrote Chapter 5, I had really had it with anything and anyone who was wasting my time and energy.  As you get older you really begin to see what and who is dragging you down. There were coaching clients who wanted me to wave a magic wand and fix their problems for them — but weren’t willing to make changes I suggested or invest in themselves.  Talk about frustrating.  Then there meetings and volunteer activities that just weren’t very fulfilling to me — or even helpful to anyone else.  And of course, I had attended many networking events and had had numerous “connecting conversations” that were just plain boring and repetitive.  Finally, clutter in my home and office was getting in my way and causing me to lose focus and productivity.

Sound familiar? Ever felt this pain? If so, read on.

So this morning when I checked my inbox and saw Michael Hyatt’s post “Are You Investing Your Best Resources in the Wrong People?” I nearly leapt up from my chair and screamed “YES!”  Michael offers, in his own completely awesome way, an excellent example of an experience you’ll probably relate to on some level: The High Maintenance Client From Hell.  He also adds in a number of excellent tips that might inspire you to get clear, stand firm, and “Say No with Grace.”  Read his post (and my Chapter 5 if you have my book), do as we advise, and you will not only rid yourself of things that are creating serious drag in your life, you will also also find yourself becoming more inspired and intentional.  As Martha Stewart says, “That’s a good thing.”

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