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Ever been in a situation where you saw only one way to reach your goal, it just wasn’t working, and you couldn’t find a solution? My dog Maggie alerted me to a situation like this recently. I was working in my home office and heard her barking out in the back yard. It wasn’t her crazed, “Squirrel!!!” yip. It was her more authoritative, lower-pitched “Something’s up! Come quickly!” bark.

Networking tips from nature

I went outside and looked over the deck railing. Down in the grass was a young blue jay huddled up against our fence, chirping distressfully. I grabbed a dishtowel and headed down the deck stairs to investigate, assuming the bird was injured.  Maggie administered dutiful support, sniffing curiously at the bird, who by this time was definitely not happy about all the attention she was receiving.

I tenderly wrapped the bird in the towel and gently lifted her above the plastic webbing we had installed years ago (to keep Maggie from squeezing between the bars when she was a tiny pup).  Just as I loosened my grip on the bird, she perked up, saw her route to freedom, and flew between the bars, landing quite capably in a nearby tree.  Suddenly all was well.

What happened here? All alone, with a limited perspective and blocked by the webbing, the jay couldn’t see what the problem was or how to remedy it. All she needed was some gentle guidance.

What does this story have to do with networking and attracting powerful relationships?  Plenty.

I frequently work with and observe individuals and teams who are trying to network, build connections, form relationships, and attract opportunities and customers using the same methods they’ve been using for years.  Some are so sick of the whole process that they get “networking paralysis” and stop connecting altogether.  And then there are the young and energized, but inexperienced networkers. Yes, they are enthusiastic. But, problem is, they “wing it.” They flap along aimlessly because they’ve never been taught about best practices in business socialization.  Either way, networking becomes a frustrating waste of time, energy, and resources – and delivers limited results. Or the wrong results!

As with the little blue jay, a limited perspectives become a trap.

Sound familiar?  Feeling the pain?

Here are some solutions:

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