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If you read my last post and took it to heart, I hope you’re thinking about what steps you can take to improve the way you present and conduct yourself as you network and build business relationships.  If you haven’t read it I highly recommend you do so now. Even if you are a seasoned networker, it’s so easy to become complacent or fall into bad habits. (Or maybe the habits you developed are outdated or never worked in the first place.)

Shortly after I released that post my wise and ever-observant friend Jeanne Guy made a thought-provoking comment:

“I’m thinking about this in terms of our personal relationships.”

Whoa! Her remark put an even more intriguing twist on things. I thought about Jeanne’s comment off and on all day yesterday and as I was out walking the dog this morning.

How can we be truly intentional, thoughtful, gracious, and kind in our business relationships if we are doing a miserable job of relating to those closest and dearest to us? If we are distant, unkind, disrespectful, random, neglectful or in any way careless with how we treat or communicate with friends and family, how can we possibly be brilliant connectors and communicators with strangers and business associates?  How can we attract what we want when we are dishing out to our loved ones what we don’t? Yet it so often happens.

I’m guilty of it and, if you are human, so are you.

How can we work towards becoming more intentional, personable, kind, cordial and “attractive” when it comes to our personal relationships? When we’ve mastered this, then we are ready to do the same in our professional worlds.
Feeling overwhelmed because you have so many people in your life? Are you driving yourself crazy trying to stay in touch and be all things to all people? Could it be that focusing on a smaller, more intentional circle could improve how you connect, stay connected, and attract the business and opportunities you truly want?

If you have a copy of The Intentional Networker go back and read Chapter 4.  And it wouldn’t hurt to read (or re-read) Chapter 5, too.

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