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In my book, The Intentional Networker, I tell the story of a woman who is so eager to be liked and accepted she actually makes a bit of a spectacle of herself.  In fact, she becomes her reputation’s own worst enemy. This woman is generous and well-meaning, but operates in a thoughtless state of hyper-drive.  She talks more than she listens and blurts out instant solutions to everyone’s challenges and requests. She is a chatty, impulsive know-it-all; one of those over-eager people who, let’s be honest, drives most people nuts after about 5 minutes.  Though this was extreme behavior, I couldn’t help but use this woman as an example of what not to do when networking. I later commented as follows:

Despite the story you just read about giving too much, too quickly, and without much thought, it’s still far better to be a giver in the networking world. When you give you not only demonstrate a spirit of generosity, abundance, and caring, you also have the potential to build trust and forge strong business relationships. But keep in mind you also have a huge responsibility to give purposefully and thoughtfully and with the intent of creating positive results for all. Your good reputation, your business, and your own ability to attract quality referrals depend on this. 

Your goal is to become something far better and more valuable than another enthusiastic networker…It’s another step toward becoming the person everyone values and is glad they know.

Becoming the person everyone is glad they know.  That’s the secret right there.  It sounds easy, but it takes intention and effort every day.

What have you done today, this week, this month to establish yourself or strengthen your reputation as The Person Everyone is Glad They Know?

Who is someone in your database you are very glad you know — and why? How can you be inspired by this?

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