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I have a birthday coming up in April so I’ve decided to offer you a special gift:

I’ve created an Intentional Networker™ Telecoaching Deal that makes it easy, convenient, and ridiculously affordable for you to benefit from one-on-one, customized networking coaching with yours truly.  It’s not a podcast, a webinar, or a group call. It’s time with me personally in a format that focuses on you.  What’s more, it won’t eat up your schedule or put your budget in a tail spin.

Here’s the deal: through April 30 I’m offering two 30-minute private telecoaching sessions per week at the discounted price of just $59.

You read it right:  just $59.  That’s less than half my regular fee of $125 for 30 minutes.

Do the math and you’ll see I’m only offering 12 of these spots.  So don’t hem and haw about it too long. When the 12 spots are gone, they’re gone. (And I only have one birthday per year!)

Call or email me right now at 512 418 0527 or Patti[at]IntentionalNetworker[dot]com. Let’s get you on the schedule! The sooner you book your spot, the sooner you’ll start getting more and better results from your networking investment.  (And, yes, I do accept major credit cards.)