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This week I experienced an amazing LinkedIn success story as well as an adjoining epiphany about networking and memorability.

The LinkedIn story first:  A gentleman who had become familiar with my work online wanted to be introduced to me because he believed we had some commonalities. He also saw the potential for some joint projects, so he posted a gracious request to be introduced to me via LinkedIn. By way of a few twists and turns and some carefully-considered connecting (remember my last post – connect with care), he was introduced to me by someone I hold in high regard.  That got my attention. The gentleman emailed me and asked if we could chat by phone. I agreed, called him this morning, and was very pleased with our exchange. We saw many ways we could help each other and shared many of the same philosophies. One of the most endearing parts of our conversation had to do with an essay his twenty-something daughter wrote to him for his 60th birthday, which she was unable to attend in person.

We are now lurching to the epiphany phase of this post.

The essay was called “The 10 Things I Learned from My Dad.”  I could tell my new friend was extremely touched by this gesture from his daughter, hearing the faintest crack in his voice. He knew he had made an impact on her and was glad she had remembered things he had taught her, either directly or by example. I was touched by this. Then it made me think,  “What DO we want people to remember about us? What impact do we want to make on others, including famly, friends and colleagues? What will they say or write about us?   Will it be what we want them to express?

As an Intentional Networker, I hope you’ll give that some thought as you go about your daily routine, do your work, interact with your colleagues, serve your customers, and connect with contacts old and new. I know it’s a good reminder for me. And I know this for sure: I’m glad I made a new contact and friend today, and I’m thankful for LinkedIn, for those who connected us, and for the delightful conversation full of sharing, lessons, and possibilities.
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