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For those of you seeking tips on how to attract a steamy, romantic encounter: Sorry, that’s not the kind of “lucky” I meant. The message I want to share here is more about what Luck really is and how you can attract it.  You can apply this to romance if you’d like, but my focus here is more on how you can bring in more customers, make more money, build a stellar contact list, and attract golden opportuities.

Why this topic today? I was with some friends over cocktails last night, sharing news of some of the terrific things that have been happening to me and my business so far in 2012.  I’m a grateful person by nature, so of course I said something like, “Wow, I’ve been so lucky this month.”  My friend Sylvia promptly jumped in and corrected me, saying, “Whoa! Wait, Patti! You’ve worked your tail off to earn these opportunities. Don’t forget that.”  She was right. I do make the effort, diving in everyday, maybe not getting to ALL the items on my To Do list, but always getting to some of them..

“Furthermore,” my friend added, “you’ve worked at this over time. So many people think you can take shortcuts and just get great results overnight. You can’t.”

She was right again.

So whether your goal is building a highly profitable business, growing a steady and loyal customer base, refining your contact list, or creating a social network that soothes and supports you, keep these tidbits in mind:

Know what you’re going after. What do you want? What’s your vision?  It’s easier to get there if you know what “there” is.

Put in some effort toward what you want every day and over time. Even if it’s a lot one day, a little the next.

Let others know what you’re seeking. Don’t assume they are going to drop everything to create a miracle for you, but it’s okay to ask for support, tips, ideas, and introductions.   Be willing to return the favor and show ample appreciation.

Keep learning and growing — and stay open to new options and ideas.   Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” He was spot on.

Let go of the “how.”  This one is especially tough for me because I like to be in control. But when I do let go, the stuff that happens is way better than I ever could have imagined.  I bet this is true for you as well.  Put out the welcome mat for amazing possibilities.

I’m sure there are more you could add to this list.

Point is, next time you think it’s just luck that’s gotten someone where they are (even if it’s you), snap out of it. Reflect on the energy, time, skill, learning, and resources it took to get there.  Appreciate this and stay the course.  When you do your part, Luck and Opportunity will show up. And what a lovely couple they make.


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