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I’ll keep this short and simple today because I know you’re busy. Busy with work. Busy keeping up with your contacts and prospects. Busy with your endless To Do List, not to mention your personal life. With all this busy-ness, this simple tip may be a life-saver.  Here goes…

From now on, as you look at the existing appointments and obligations on your calendar or To Do List (and certainly before you add anything new), do yourself a huge favor: Ask yourself if you can name at least three good reasons why the event or action item is on there.   Try it with events, meetings, calls, lunches, coffees, you name it.

Now, of course, there will be things on your schedule and list that are not optional: taking your kids to the doctor, helping out an aging parent, etc.  But, come on. You know how easy it is to fill up your calendar and then wonder, “What the heck was I thinking?”

Here’s what The Three Reasons System does (if it’s not obvious):

1. It empowers you to eliminate, avoid, or say a gracious “no thank you” to events, dates, invitations, and obligations (real or imagined) you really don’t want in the first place.

2. It helps you become more intentional, focused, and purposeful regarding the activities you do choose to engage in.   In other words, when you do them, you’ll get more out of them because you’ll be more aware of your “why.”

Put another way:

A. You’ll stop sleepwalking through your days, mesmerized by routines and habits that might be outdated.
B.  You’ll stop caving in to the endless demands of others  (or yourself) and discover what really matters and creates positive results.
C. You’ll more effectively  honor your priorities and goals and stop wasting precious time, energy and resources.

That’s it. Simple.

Give it a try. I’d love to hear how this system works for you and what you’d add to the mix.


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