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Ever consider what would happen if you planted a garden, then another and another and another and even several more, but you never went back and watered, weeded, or even harvested the first ones you planted?

Sometimes it feels like this is becoming the new definition of networking. More is better. The person who collects the most “connections” (real or imagined) wins. Following up and circling back are secondary or too much trouble.

Be honest with yourself: are you guilty of this? Do you know others who are?

As the season of harvest and thankfulness approaches, take stock for a moment.  Do you really need to focus on meeting more people?  Or would it be better to occasionally pause, take stock, and do some reconnecting with “your people”? The ones you already know and who have been there for you along the journey?

Take a moment this week and flip through your Rolodex, address book, database — whatever you use. Can you identify two or three people who you haven’t seen or talked to in awhile?  Pinpoint the ones who have brought you value over the years in the way of business, referrals, encouragement, or inspiration.  Reach out to them, preferably by phone or via a brief, handwritten note. Email, if you must. An invitation to coffee or lunch is okay, but optional.

Be sincere and humble. No selling, no guilt, no requests.  Simply let these people know you’re thinking of them and would love to hear what’s new in their world. Nothing more than that. (Unless you want to share something you’ve really appreciated about having them in your life.)

See what happens.  You may find this to be the most satisfying and cost-effective networking you’ll do all week.


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