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My colleague Jan Goss and I spoke at a career transitions group last night at a local church. We shared both our expertise and encouraging words with those seeking work and going through career changes.  It was fun, fulfilling, and eye-opening.  Our topic was Networking, but given the needs of the group, we focused less on networking “events” and more on where networking can frequently occur…during everyday events and encounters.

Some of the best conversations and connections won’t happen at business events that you put on your calendar. No sirree.  They can and often will take place in ways and at times you cannot predict, schedule, or control.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve met and conversed with some of the most interesting, helpful, and connected people at the grocery store, the local coffee shop, the dog park, in my driveway, at the gym, on airplanes, in the mall, and even on the soccer field.  One of the coolest, kindest, influential, and helpful people I ever met “found me” while I was shopping for an alarm clock at Bed Bath & Beyond!  (How’s that for karma?)

The big aha here:  It pays to be open, aware, and ever-ready, in body, mind, presence, and spirit. You have to be willing to sent your intentions, polish up, grab ahold of hope, step out of your comfort zone, talk to strangers (something our parents urged us not to do!), and communicate what you’re seeking.  Good fortune may not strike every time, but you’ll be surprised how often it will if you do your part, stay positive, and are truly ready and open.

The wonderful people at the career transitions event were searching for new career opportunities.  What about you? What are you seeking?  Whether it’s something related to business or more on the personal side, are you ready to present yourself to the people who can help you?  Without knowing in advance who they are?  Or when, where, or how they will show up?

Can you name and talk about what it is you want, clearly and positively? Are you really ready to receive it?  If not, you’ve got work to do! And, trust me, it’s work worth doing.

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