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In my new book, The Intentional Networker™: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business, I share a story about a road trip with three colleagues in 2008. We were headed to a conference in Dallas and spent four amazing hours together enjoying thought-provoking conversation. We not only shared what was new in our businesses, we also expressed what experiences, connections, and breakthroughs we intended to have at the event. After all, we were investing several days and a sizable amount of cash to be there.

Something amazing happened for us on that drive and throughout the conference.  We not only manifested what we wanted, we received and experienced so much more.  On the drive home we almost couldn’t believe the reports we shared! From my perspective, I repeatedly ran into,  sat next to, or was introduced to people who had the exact information, experiences, and resources I needed to move to the next level in my business. Opportunities presented themselves that, to this day, continue to positively impact my work. Events seemed to unfold in perfect order.  No matter where I was, it was precisely where I needed to be. My friends expressed similar stories of unbelievable synchronicity. Powerful and eye-opening. We had experienced the Power of Intention that Dr. Wayne Dyer talks and writes about.

This weekend as I head out to another conference, the National Speakers Association’s Influence ’11 in Anaheim, I’ll once set my intentions. I’ll consider them, write them down, and even speak them out loud to my colleagues. In addition I’ll fortify those intentions with preparation and positive expectancy.  (After all, I have to do my part.)  I will then thoroughly have faith in the process.

Is this a practice I suggest you use for conferences? Absolutely. But take it further:  Try using the power of intention every day. For the big, small, and even the routine events in your day. Set your intentions, even just one or two, when you get up in the morning, in the shower, as you workout or walk the dog, as you pray or meditate, when you are finally seated at your desk, as you’re about to make a phone call or send an email, and definitely as you head out to networking gatherings, coffee dates, or client meetings.  Discover the amazing power of establishing and clarifying your dreams, vision, prayers, purpose, objectives, goals, and even your attitude.  I believe you’ll not only be pleased, but thoroughly blown away.

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