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Many people are job hunting these days, and some are shifting gears and changing paths in a major way. Might this be you? Try these strategic steps:

  1. Design. Ask yourself what “Great” or “Success” could look (and feel) like in a new career. I call this creating your Vision, and it’s a crucial step. You can’t hit a target if you don’t recognize it or have any idea where it is! More questions to ask: What do you want to be learning and doing? How would you describe the people with whom you want to work? How would you describe the work environment, community, and culture? What would you like to earn? The more detailed you can be the better. Dream big!  And notice I did not include any questions about what title you’d have or what organization you’d be working for.  You can add those if you wish, but I find them limiting.
  2. Commit. Decide to go after what you’ve designed. Maybe you won’t get everything you want. But then again, you might! At the very least you’ll recognize a terrific opportunity when it presents itself.
  3. Communicate. Share your Vision with your most supportive family, friends, and network. Even if these folks aren’t where you want to be, they may know people who are.
  4. Get informed and involved. Find and attend industry events or gatherings. Read articles and publications that can give you insight. Talk to people who work in jobs similar to what you’re after. See if they will give you 10 minutes on a call. Offer to buy them lunch. Ask good questions. Be a good listener. You never know who will be able to help and how.
  5. Show gratitude. When someone is kind enough to chat with you or offer advice, a contact, or a lead, be sure to write a note or express your thanks in some way. They will appreciate it!
  6. Repeat these steps. Keep tweaking your Vision and taking small actions each day. Send an email. Make a phone call. Read an article. Go for coffee. Attend a gathering or happy hour. All this adds up and shows consistency, commitment, and drive. People will notice this and remember you!
  7. Be patient and stay on your path. Will you find your new Dream Job right away? Probably not. But if you commit to consistency, you’ll likely find an opportunity faster than if you skipped these steps and just “winged it.”  And just as important, you’ll recognize and resist an opportunity that’s not a fit for you.

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Wishing you the very best of luck!