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In my last two posts, Part I and Part II of this series, you learned two words that came from other cultures, but are so pertinent to where you live now – wherever that is. Today I’m sharing the third one – and throwing in a fourth that I wrote about awhile back. Just as a refresher and a little lagniappe. (Ah, there’s a fifth word you should know! It means “a little extra” or “something given as a bonus or a gift.”)

Today’s word is ziji, a word that in Tibetan refers to having an inherent “confidence, splendor or elegance.”  In Chinese it refers simply to the self. Some Zen Buddhists say ziji is all  about authenticity and presence. Now there are two gifts you can give to anyone – your true self and your full presence and attention.

Where,  when and how could you spruce up your ziji and offer someone a little langnappe today?

And as a final bonus, let’s link you back  to an earlier post where I discuss the importance of genshai, the art of never making anyone feel small.  I love that word and so many others.  How about you?
This past week I presented a lively three-hour workshop to a group of project managers from high tech, government, education, and other industries. My objective was to teach them new ways to be more authentic and intentional in how they make and build connections, both at work and in their personal lives. We worked on strategies for curating powerful resource networks, rather than just awkwardly schmoozing and collecting lots of business cards that sit in idle stacks on their desks or in a random drawer.

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