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If you read last week’s post you learned the first word in this series. Now on to the next word, which is the Hawaiian word ono.  Don’t get this ono confused with the other ono: “the significant other of a band member who often sits in on band practice, much to the annoyance of other band members.”

Hah. You may not get that one if you’re under the age of 45.  (And I threw in the Elvis photo to throw you off.)

I might also add that the ono to which I’m referring is not the town mentioned in the Bible. Nor is it one of many acronyms: One Night Only, Over n’ Out, Or Nearest Offer, to name a few.

The Hawaiian ono is about being delicious, delightful, the best, and (I have always loved this word) groovy.

How cool would it be to know that the people you meet, talk to, connect with, build relationships with, work with, and do business with think you are absolutely ono. And, even better, what if they shared this opinion with others every chance they get?

Ahhhh, that would be really ono.

What do you say and do on a regular basis that makes others experience you as ono? What other words from other cultures make you think of Living, Working & Connecting at a Higher Level(tm)?