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I attended a speakers’ workshop a few years ago where a visionary acting coach revealed ways we could be even better at what we do. During this fascinating session, we discovered that even though speakers and actors are different (okay, some speakers act like actors), we have some important things in common.

Speakers and actors have many things in common.

Speakers and actors have many things in common.

Like actors, we speakers work from a stage — or in front of a camera. We have to know our material inside and out, yet be ready to improvise if necessary.  We have to be persuasive and convincing.  We have to pay attention to the details of delivery because subtle nuances can be pivotal to the performance and how the audience receives what we say.  We often have to perform the same material over and over again, yet keep the delivery fresh and authentic. We have to show up at our best with every performance. The people who hire us and the audiences who listen to us expect it.

I saw this last point as particularly important; something universal to all people: the vital responsibility of being and offering up our Best Selves as often and consistently as humanly possible. In our work.  In our relationships.  And in our lives.

Who has a life ambition of walking around the world being just mediocre? (Okay, besides The Big Lebowski!)

No! Being our best should be a daily quest.  But how can we do this?

Here are a few questions that might be helpful as you strive to show up more often as your Best Self.

First, close your eyes and imagine you are at your very best, right now…

  • What do you look like, act like, sound like, feel like?
  • How are your interactions with other people?
  • How are you facing and handling challenges and problems?
  • What are you able to accomplish?
  • Who is positively impacted when show up at your best?
  • How do you feel about yourself at the close of the day?

Now, consider these questions:

  • What do you need to do to bring out and nurture your Best Self?
  • What actions, decisions, practices, habits, routines lead you to your Best Self?
  • What factors are stopping you from doing these more regularly?
  • What are you going to do about it?

I contemplate these questions daily. Maybe they will help you – and the people you manage, serve and lead – as well.

I’d love to hear more about what you do to show up more often as your Best Self – and what has transpired (or what you’ve discovered) along the way.

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