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As my way of saying “Thank You” to those of you who: 1) have been loyal subscribers since I launched my first post and 2) have just recently subscribed, I am sharing links to a few of my favorite Intentional Networking tools and bonuses.

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My Spring Gifts to you to inspire you to network and experience amazing connections more intentionally

I hope you will find these items helpful and inspiring as you review and refresh how you connect, converse, and build powerful, mutually-beneficial relationships in both your professional and personal life!

Click here for a free pre-release copy of my second book The Intentional Networker Collection.  Print it out, put it in a binder, read a section each day, and contemplate the thought-provoking study questions I’ve included.

Click here for a free Intention Setting Form. This tool will help you build the powerful habit of setting intentions before attending an event – or launching a project.  Think this is just woo-woo? Guess again. It’s powerful neuroscience!  Your brain’s radar system wants to know what you want. This is how you can tune it perfectly!

Click here to get a sample chapter (Chapter 4: Focus on Quality) of my award-winning book, The Intentional Networker: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business.  You’ll be relieved to discover that the number of contacts you have isn’t the point. A small network can be amazingly powerful.

Wishing you a very intentional week!  And please share your comments on how and where these tools work for you below.
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