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So if you’re someone who spends hundreds of dollars and hours each year attending networking and business functions, mustering up the courage to talk to strangers, exchanging business cards,  and then walking away wondering if, when, and how any of your efforts will pay off, it’s time you wrote yourself a note to get to Amazon Thursday, June 14 and download your FREE copy of my award-winning book.

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Check out these comments I just received from one reader:

“Having spent most of thirty years in sales, most of them for large corporations and some working for myself…I have loved and related to every word you’ve written!  And your Chapter 5!  I used one of your tips about saying “no” gracefully verbatim the very day I read it.  I have quoted those enough that a friend called the other day needing help and asked me to read her your list!  Oh, how I wish they had taught that chapter in business school instead of some of the — pardon me — crap that I never thought about again…What you have put together is gold!  It’s a book that VPs of sales should be buying by the hundreds before hiring you to speak at their national sales meetings…”

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