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Sometimes the conversations you have (or hear) after a networking event are the best ones of the day. I was blessed to listen in on one of those recently.  I had just spoken at a women’s networking event and was packing up my materials and books.  Everyone had left except two of the event organizers who offered to assist me as I returned my gear to my car.

My speaking topic had been about how to be a more thoughtful and intentional networker.  I hoped my words had generated some ideas for positive change for those who had attended and would make a difference for them in their networking efforts and careers.

My two “assistants” were still rehashing the topic, which pleased me greatly.  I just listened.

“So what’s the real secret to being a good networker? What’s the one thing?”

“I think it really boils down to showing that you care.”

I loved this!   Showing that you care.  About the work you do. About how you show up. About what’s being said and shared by the people you’re meeting.  That you care about what’s going on in their worlds (and not just yammering on about what’s going on in yours).  That you care about how others feel in your presence. Being there for others, not just for yourself.  Showing that you care. Brilliant!

I’ve been to several networking events since then. Sometimes to speak, but often to just attend and try to be the best Intentional Networker I can be.  To be fully present and to demonstrate that I truly care.  Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

What are you doing to show you care when you’re out meeting new people and reconnecting with those you already know?

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