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If you’re open and alert to such things, you can glean success, leadership, and networking lessons from just about any event or experience. At athletic events.  In business meetings. At conferences. In coffee shops. And, yes, even on reality TV.

I admit it. I was hooked on at least three reality shows this past season:  Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars, and American Idol.  I love these shows and indulged in them several nights a week. I rarely missed an episode.  Yet, this was very productive time for me.  I usually exercised while watching, finished a little paperwork, or tidied up the kitchen.  Beyond that, I also spotted many important lessons while watching.   Maybe you did, too.  These lessons can be applied in our quests to be more successful, to win more customers and opportunities, to rise to the top in the Great Reality Show of Life & Business, and also to build stronger and more powerful relationships.  Here they are:

Know what the mission is.
Know who the judges are and what they are looking for.
Have good teachers / mentors and consider their advice.
Even if you’re out to win the whole enchilada, it pays to be a team player.
Don’t stab others in the back;  it’ll hurt you in the end.
Don’t be the crazy, nut job everyone avoids.
Believe you can.
Don’t quit.
Have a cool outfit suitable to the task.
Take some risks.
Know you may up one day, down the next, but don’t give up.
Work hard and know you may have to give up sleep and other luxuries.
Accept that you will be judged; it’s just part of the deal.
The judges will not always be right and will disagree with each other.
This will confuse the heck out of you.
Get over it and press on with what you know to be right and true.
Accept that you could get fired.
Appreciate your partner / teammates.
Ditto your friends and fans.
The higher and farther you go, the bigger the expectations.
Don’t rest on your laurels.
Behave like an adult.
Know that others will not.
Know that even if you lose, if you did your best you’re still a winner.

What lessons would you add?