what if you could…

converse and connect more easily, authentically, and meaningfully?

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I specialize in teaching smart professionals how to attract and enjoy more meaningful and rewarding conversations, connections, and relationships:

With coworkers and colleagues
with prospects and customers
at conferences and networking events
in social settings and everyday life

What’s the big deal about having better conversations, connections, and relationships? Pretty much everything.

Numerous studies over several decades reveal that friendly, positive, supportive, and memorable in-person social interactions can enhance:

  • Productivity
  • Team effectiveness
  • Image and brand
  • Customer loyalty
  • Professional development
  • Event success
  • Career advancement
  • Opportunity awareness
  • Brain power / intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Self-esteem & sense of belonging
  • Attitude and energy level
  • Happiness and well-being
  • Health and longevity

Who doesn't want all of that?

 Let’s discover how we can work together.

What clients have to say

Ginger Kelly, VP of Marketing

As the opening keynote speaker for our event, Patti set the tone for the day with her charm and wonderful ideas... Ginger Kelly, VP of Marketing, RIM Architect LLC and 2018 SMPS Pacific Regional Conference Co-Chair

a short list of organizations I’ve worked with

A+ Federal Credit Union
Association of Texas Professional Educators
Austin Small Business Conference
The Carlisle Collection
Concordia University – Texas

Geoscience Support Services
Hewlett Packard
Lakeshore Public Media
MGM Resorts Foundation

NXP Semiconductors
Rodan + Fields
Society Government Meeting Planners
Silicon Valley Bank Private Equity
Texas State University
Texas Society of Association Executives
Worth of New York

how i can help you

Interactive Presentations & Workshops

  • Conferences
  • Retreats and professional development programs

Panel Moderation

  • Let’s get an interesting, enlightening conversation going!


  • Tap into my experience and expertise
  • Let’s explore and collaborate


Priceless lessons on conversation and connection

Priceless lessons on conversation and connection

Some people insist on enjoying the journey as much as the destination. I'm one of those people. (Maybe you can relate?)  So, in working on my new book on conversation and connection (ironically, during a pandemic, when most opportunities for in-person conversations...

Is it time to curate your social media feed?

Is it time to curate your social media feed?

Had it with all the stress, negativity, and uncertainty in the world?  Here's something I'm doing right now in an effort to "curate" a better, more energizing, inspiring, and pleasant social media experience for myself... I'm making a list of what I want to see on my...

The Benefits of Conversations with Strangers

The Benefits of Conversations with Strangers

After four months of pandemic lockdown, we did something a little crazy recently. We went on a vacation. That's right. Amidst this unprecedented time of uncertainty and social distancing my boyfriend Mark and I took a trip. We decided it was the perfect summer to...

Courtesy, grace, and kindness matter more than ever

No journalism class has ever suggested the use of "Hello! How are you doing?" as the ideal example of a gripping lead.  But this isn't journalism class.  I'm offering a sincere "Hello! How are you doing?" because I mean it.  I'm sitting here at my kitchen table, where...

Here’s how to be proactive and intentional about your future

Here’s how to be proactive and intentional about your future

Ever notice that when you're trying to adapt, evolve, shift, or even rise up from the ashes, going back to the basics is the best place to begin?  I found this to be true today. I had planned to work on my new book first thing this morning, but instead chose to take...

Remember Who Moved My Cheese?

Remember the book "Who Moved My Cheese?"  It was a short, self-help parable published in the late 1990s that dealt with the topics of uncertainty and change. (I realize some of you weren't even born then, but stay with me here.)  Those of you who do remember this...